Welcome to Bare's Stove & Spa

Bare's Stove and Spa Inc. is one of the largest spa, stove and fireplace stores in the Northwest.We offer the highest-quality products at competitive prices. Sometimes people feel they'll get a better deal if they go to a bigger city or bigger company. The truth is, we deal with all the best and brightest ourselves, bringing you great prices, plus beauty, performance and personal service.

At Bare's, we understand that in addition to providing heat, relaxation and therapeutic value, our products are meant to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home. That's why we've gone the extra mile in creating a showroom that spectacularly demonstrates what our products can do for you.

We encourage people to search the web. When they do, they find out why we are so proud of the products we carry.

TV Commercial featuring Brutus in a Sundance Spa

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