Hearth Accessories

We are constantly adding new accessories to our product line. We have a large selecton of fireplace tools and firescreens, andirons, log carriers and racks, steamers, bellows, trivets, thermometers and fireproof gloves. We also offer firestarters, fatwood, creosote removers, chimney brushes, gasket, silicon and cement, and paint. Below is a list of brands of accessories that we carry.

Stove AccessoriesACS Carbon and Soot Remover


Dri-One Flame Retardant


Fire Starter

Flitz Polishing Products

Goods of the Woods

Decorative Stove AccessoriesImperial Glass Cleaner

Lifetime Grate


Portland Willamette


Simpson Duravent Chimney Products

View Simpson Duravent catalog here.

Lifetime GrateSpeedy White Hearth and Stove Cleaner

Stove Bright Paint

TSR Creosote Remover

NEW! J & L Fabrications Fireplace Tools and Firewood Racks

We are very excited to offer several new products from J & L Fabrications, handmade in Livingston, MT. All of the products below can be made larger or smaller and customized to fit your taste.

Simple Elegance Fireplace Rack

Simple Elegance Firewood Rack

Dimensions: 33" width x 31" height x 11.5" depth
Weight: 45 pounds

Price - Patina (colors below): $400
Price - Paint (numerous colors available): $377
Price - Natural Steel: $325
Price - Natural Steel with Clear Finish: $360

Chalet Firewood RackChalet Firewood Rack

Dimensions: 41" width x 31" height x 11.5" depth
Weight: 70 pounds

Price - Patina (colors below): $595
Price - Paint (numerous colors available): $560
Price - Natural Steel: $495
Price - Natural Steel with Clear Finish: $525

Fireplace Toolset

Available in six colors and two style choices: "Hand-Sculpted" or "Industrial Chic." Tools can be sold separately or as a set. Patina colors are shown below. Click on small images to view larger versions.

Dimensions: tools are 36" long. Rack is 38" high, and base measures 16.5" x 13."
Weight: 23 pounds for full set

PricesJ&L Fabrications Toolsest in Hand-Sculpted Saddle Brown Patina

Full Set - Industrial Chic Natural:  $425
Full Set - Industrial Chic Patina:   $550
Full Set - Hand-Sculpted Natural: $475
Full Set - Hand-Sculpted Patina:  $600

Broom - Industrial Chic Natural:  $60
Broom - Industrial Chic Patina:   $77
Broom - Hand-Sculpted Natural: $69
Broom - Hand-Sculpted Patina:  $87

Poker - Industrial Chic Natural:  $47
Poker - Industrial Chic Patina:   $65
Poker - Hand-Sculpted Natural: $55
Poker - Hand-Sculpted Patina:  $72

Rack - Industrial Chic Natural:  $111
Rack - Industrial Chic Patina:   $154
Rack - Hand-Sculpted Natural: $128
Rack - Hand-Sculpted Patina:  $172

Shovel - Industrial Chic Natural:  $69
Shovel - Industrial Chic Patina:   $95
Shovel - Hand-Sculpted Natural: $77
Shovel - Hand-Sculpted Patina:  $102

Tongs - Industrial Chic Natural:  $137
Tongs - Industrial Chic Patina:   $162
Tongs - Hand-Sculpted Natural: $145
Tongs - Hand-Sculpted Patina:  $171

Tool Handle Poker Tip J&L Fabrications Poker Compared to Typical Fireplace Poker J&L Fabrications Shovel Compared to Typical Fireplace Shovel Patina Colors in Hand-Sculpted Finish Patina Colors in Industrial Chic Finish

Patina colors, left to right: Antique Steel, Natural Steel, Saddle Brown, Deep Forest, Wrought Iron Black, Antique Bronze