Sundance Spas

Sundance Spas bring together the most current knowledge of massage physiology, ergonomics and accupressure to target muscle groups and pressure points in the most relaxing and beneficial ways. Sundance brings you a perfect arrangement of three systems -- jets, controls and seating -- designed to provide the ideal healthful hydrotherapy experience. Visit the Sundance Spas Website.

Sundance 880 JetNine unique jet types deliver distinctly different kinds of therapy. Pressure point jets,
including the innovative and proprietary Fluidix ST jet (awarded eight US patents), target the acupressure points on the neck, shoulders and back to relieve muscle tension and stress. Therapy jets with fully adjustable water pressure and volume let you create the massage of your choice, with continuously swirling motion in either direction, or a stationary flow. Whirlpool jets provide the deep massage so valued by athletes for rejuvenating overworked muscles. And finally, the gentle massage jets give a relaxing, spirit-lifting experience.


Within reach of every seat in the tub, sensitive controls allow you to adjust pressure and flow to any or all jets for a completely custom massage.

SeatingSundance Dover Spa

Sundance engineers create seating with ideal support and comfort through a blend of science and art. Six different seating types, including the exclusive Accu-Ssage Therapy seat, are sculpted to offer a beneficial hydrotherapeutic experience for every body type and size.


Many physicians recommend water therapy or water massage for rehabilitative therapy. According to the Arthritis Foundation, a spa offers the warmth, massage effect and buoyancy needed to both relax and exercise joints and muscles. Hydrotherapy facilitates physical therapy by allowing you to strengthen an injured area and increase its range of motion without stress to the injury. In addition, water lessens the force of gravity on the body and allows stressed joints and muscles to move safely.

The therapeutic muscle stimulation of a spa also leads to many other health benefits, such as improved circulation and a better night's sleep.

And even more ways to enjoy your spa!Sundance Maxxus Spa

As if all of that weren't enough, we also carry a full line of accessories to let you enjoy your spa to its fullest potential. Of course we carry all the chemicals and supplies you need, plus we've got a complete line of aromatherapy products, hand-held jets, towel trees, spa tables, steps, spa vacuum cleaners, soft seats, plastic cards, floating tables and even rubber duckies!

Are you ready for a Sundance?

Yes! You don't have to have a large backyard or a huge master bath to accommodate a spa. Sundance Spas are completely self-contained and portable. All you need is a flat surface, an appropriate electrical supply and a garden hose. Most of the advanced spas of today can be installed above ground, in-ground or recessed, indoors or outdoors.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right model for your needs and your home, and our technicians will personally deliver and install to have you soaking in the benefits in no time.