Pellet - Annual Service

Pellet stove product more heat & run cleaner when quality pellets are used.  Well made pellets should burn cleanly.  There should be a low amount of ash per bag and no clinkers (ashes that solidify into a clump) left in the burn pot. 

Pellet stoves require weekly (or every 5 bags of pellets) & yearly maintenance (or every ton)Please refer to you owner’s manual for manufacture’s detailed instructions.

Weekly:  Clean the hopper, heat exchange tube, and glass.  Sweep the ashes into the ashpan & dispose if necessary.

Always use an Ash Vac or a shop vac with an extra filter when cleaning your stove.

Annual:  Clean exhaust blower, convection blower, and vent pipe.  Adjust door hinge & latch.  Check for air leaks around door, glass, & ashpan.  Check gaskets & replace when needed.